A Short Thought

Have you ever had a good bad day?

I don’t know if you’d call them just frustrating days or whether it’s simply a product of the individual’s perspective, but I know everyone gets days where everything just goes Wrong but it maybe doesn’t matter as much as a flat out Bad Day.

I had one of those yesterday (excuse the slightly diary-like paragraph to follow). I had two job interviews and I was going to go in on my bicycle because exercise. So I was up in good time, and showered and prettied up and when it was time to go I went out to the shed to be greeted with a front tyre as flat as a pancake. To which (as you’d expect) I say words to the effect of “Fantastic.”

I got out in the end, but I borrowed my (incredibly awesome) housemate’s bicycle, which is a racing bike. Personal prejudice ahoy – I don’t like racers. They feel flimsy and unbalanced and I have never felt particularly safe riding them. I’m used to mountain bikes or hybrids – more ‘muscle’ to them, I suppose you could say.

So I wobbled off into town, and I found this interview place, went through the interview – great stuff, all fine. Then I made a beeline for the library; for the computers and (more importantly) the printers because I need something for my second appointment at two. The library, however, was shut. To which I said words to the effect of “Nice one.”

I kicked around the Sheffield Winter Gardens awhile, tried again when the library opened at one, but there were no printers available until two, which was kinda useless to me, so I indulged my bookworm tendencies until it was time to go to appointment number two – whereupon I discovered that not only did I not have the printout I needed, but the personal documents I had to bring were in my other bag and thus back at my house. “Clever.”

You see what I mean? I wouldn’t call it an outright bad day because I achieved everything I wanted to and nobody was outright nasty, or obstructive, or generally annoying to me, the weather was foul but this is the north of England so that’s hardly uncommon…it’s just the things that niggle. Like life is poking you with a stick. But I’ve never found them particularly wearing.

I enjoy them because I see them as something of a challenge. Life is giving you lemons, but to make lemonade one needs sugar, so you have to go out and buy the sugar before you can make the lemonade. Not to quote a cliche, but sometimes it is simply a case of keeping calm and carrying on; if we all gave up or got annoyed at the world on the irritating or frustrating days then nothing would ever get done. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction in beating a day like today, in poking life back.

I remember a time, especially at the height of my depression, when days like this were insurmountable, when I would moan about every poke. These days I’m more likely to laugh. What else can you do?


4 thoughts on “A Short Thought

  1. Keeping calm and carrying on might be a cliché but its a darn good one. Staying calm is possibly one of the best prerequisites to approaching a potentially stressful situation with an open mind (or heart, whichever is appropriate).


    1. Or charging into it head-on, which is also something I do. Not the best idea sometimes. And it’s a really good cliché – but then the cliché became the meme and now nobody takes it seriously, which I think is a shame.
      Maybe I’ll do a blog on memes sometime.
      And I’m going to stop now before I start to ramble. Thanks for reading =D x


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