Moonshine Morning

Snapshot 3 (20-03-2015 12-03)

Or: the day the Sun and Moon became as one.

No, I don’t mean that literally, obviously. But the solar eclipse visible in Northern Europe and the Arctic circle last Friday really did resemble a moon – a shining crescent in midmorning. Completely surreal.

I admit I screwed up with this post – it lay abandoned in my drafts folder while my Friday night plans crumbled about my ears (private stuff) and I only just found it again. So.

I’ve heard eclipses described as someone turning down a dimmer switch on the world. I suppose it is, but very very slowly – you wouldn’t notice it happening until it happened. It essentially became twilight at 9:30 in the morning. And ye gods, it was FREEZING; because the moon is blocking the sun, it reduces its light AND heat. I was so glad I packed that extra pair of gloves for the schelp over to Western Park.

Unfortunately I only got pictures of the first half because my camera battery obligingly died. But the ones I did get were certainly worth it.

Snapshot 1 (20-03-2015 11-48) Snapshot 2 (20-03-2015 11-55) Snapshot 3 (20-03-2015 12-03)

Eclipse 2015 131

A friend of mine described the maximum stage of the eclipse (seen above) as, ‘Seeing the Cheshire Cat grinning down from the sky.’ I think I see where he’s coming from:

Credit for this image goes to

All my picture needs is some creepy eyes.

I don’t remember the 1998 eclipse very well – I think either I couldn’t work out the pinhole camera or mum dragged me inside because I insisted on looking at the sun with my naked eyes (I was five, do excuse me). Either way, it didn’t make much of an impression. This one, however, certainly did, and I feel privileged to have witnessed it firsthand.


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