Odd Socks

Good evening, fellow browsers of the Interweb!

First off, I must apologise for saying there was nothing going on last week and moaning about it. I take it all back. I’ve just had four separate assignment dropped on my head, all in within a week of each other. Not to mention, my motivation has been wrapped in a straight-jacket that someone has locked up, pocketed the key, and wandered off. Please, take me back to last week…


So on that cheerful note, and before I go away and sink into a pit of work-related agony, I want to give you my five top ways of getting myself organised.

The thing about dyspraxia, or at least the way I have it, is that I find keeping myself on track with all the things I have to do is occasionally impossible. It’s worse the less I have to do, weirdly, but I can find juggling even one or two things a nightmare. Unless it’s something I do regularly, like dance class or going to lectures, I’m a bit useless.

So, as presented by Rafferty, here are my top five ways of Getting All My Shit in One Sock.

  1. Diarise Everything. 


And by everything, I mean everything. Times and dates, the right bus to catch and at what time, provisional things, concrete things, when to go shopping, deadlines…I never go anywhere without my diary (which, incidentally, is from PaperChase). Having everything written down in one easy place where I can access it quickly has saved my bacon on a lot of occasions. On the days I’m feeling lazy, I set alarms on my phone, which is synced up to my Outlook calendar. It works.

The only downside is I no longer have any excuses if I do screw up. I remember writing down the wrong time for a nurse’s appointment once and turning up an hour late. Fortunately they thought it was funny and let me re-schedule, but that isn’t the point. Get it right the first time, and keep it all in one place. Sorted.

2.  Keep it Clean


Clean and tidy rooms make for clean and tidy minds, as I’ve found. I’ve never been able to comprehend people who live a floor-drobe (although one them is my best friend and I love her dearly). When I feel myself getting cluttered and confused in my head, I clean my room. It’s also healthy procrastination – as in procrastination that isn’t watching Achievement Hunter Let’s Play highlight videos for the fortieth time. Washing up and cleaning as I go also lets me keep track of things like pens and cutlery, which have a nasty tendency to wander off if I don’t. It also stops fruit flies accumulating in my room via my many discarded apple cores. My boyfriend did that once. I’ve still not quite forgiven him (don’t tell him).

On that note, put something somewhere and leave it there. If stuff keeps moving, it will get lost, it’s like a Law of the Universe.

3. Labelling is your Friend


I thought I had two lots of one kind of bolognase in the fridge the other day. I was wrong. I had one lot each of two different kinds, and I didn’t know, because I couldn’t be bothered to label them before they went into sandwich bags and into the freezer. I still have trouble remembering which folder is which of Important Documents, because neither of them are labelled. Seriously, put labels on everything. I have all my course notes in a bit of an odd system that nobody but me would get, which is fine cause I’m the only one that uses them. On an even stranger note, before my gran was put in care we used to label everything for her – the only trouble was she refused to use her glasses so she couldn’t read any of them.

So, find a system and use it. As long as you know where it all is, and you can find it, it’ll work.

4. Lists


I sometimes try to do my weekly shop with a mental list. It never ends well. Even with a list, I forget things. It’s irritating as anything, especially when I only forget one thing, and it was the one thing I actually needed. Make a list, make it comprehensive. And not just for your shopping; it works for everything. If I had a lot of jobs to do at work, I’d list them and then sort them in order of priority, so they were out of my head and quit taking up so much space. I physically cross them off when I’ve done them. If you need it, list it – jobs, travel packing, revision topics, shopping, meal plans…the list goes on.

(Ha, get it? Geddit? Okay…)

The most annoying lists are the long ones that keep growing, but there’s nothing more satisfying than physically crossing the last item off a really sodding long list.

5. The Writing’s on the Wall(chart)


I tend not to use wallcharts and calendars so much, because I use my diary, but occasionally, having something written in massive f*ck-off letters on the wall can be the slap in the face you really need – good for urgent reminders. And it’s right in front of you as well, no flipping pages to get to where you need to be. Cross the days off as you complete them – also really satisfying, and it gives you a chance to make sure you’ve properly prepared.

Get one you don’t mind looking at every day as well – if you use a calendar you don’t like, you’ve got that picture for a whole month and the same theme for the whole year. I like horses or landscapes, maybe films if I feel like it.


My constant, and best piece of advice, is use this as a starting point and find what works for you. And if you like living in a floor-drobe, well fair enough. You are very strange, but fair enough.

Have a good week, and stay awesome!





All pictures of Rafferty are mine.


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