What’s up, interweb? Welcome to my blog! My name’s Hannah, I’m a dyspraxic-autistic kid who’ll happily talk about anything and everything.

I’m interested in mental health and learning difficulties,and all the issues they entail. That’s the bulk of what you can expect here. When I’m not studying for my Masters in Clinical Psychology, I’m a horse-lover, a habitual cook/baker, a bit of a gym rat, a follower of some really insane logic pathways, a consumate bookworm and a bit of a nerd. I’m very very British, and I’d style myself as a polymath if my knowledge base wasn’t more of a rickety shelf of trivia than a well-stocked library. But I like to learn, and like any nosy bitch, I like to learn all that I can.

Feel free to come and say hi!

Stay awesome, and happy reading!



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